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Idea generation methods – 2 ECTS

Idea generation methods

Detail:The aim of the course is to enable participants to apply methods of idea generation on their own project. Who is this course for? Everyone who is curios in Idea Generation Methods and who is having an interesting topic which could be further developed. What will I learn? Participants will be able to understand and apply certain methods of idea generation on any self-chosen topic. For example, participants will understand and will be able to apply methods like Mindmapping & Clustering, 6-3-5, World Cafe & DeBono Hats, Concept Mapping, Scenario Techniques ( e.g. STEEP), Roadmapping and many more in a structured process. What do I need to know? No prior knowledge is necessary. You just need to be curious about Idea Generation Methods and have an interesting topic you would like to develop further.

Number ECTS: 2 ECTS
Price 100.00 600.00 

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