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The central part of the work carried out by INPATH-TES members is the development of the learning material necessary for future PhD or Master programmes. There are a total of 14 courses developed, which can be implemented from a global perspective in ECTS awarding institutions. The courses are mainly addressed to graduate students of different backgrounds, such as engineering, architecture, chemistry, physics, and other similar degrees, who are interested in doing a PhD on thermal energy storage. If you are interested in enrolling in a Phd find out more details HERE.

However, the teaching material should also allow to provide specific skills to individuals from academia or already working in industry interested in deepen their knowledge or specialize on a specific topic. To achieve such a goal, the courses are composed of different smaller independent modules called lessons. The assessment of the learning material is done at lesson level. On the other hand, the courses that form the PhD programme can be grouped according to their subject matter or specialization level in three main groups:

· Basic common PhD courses (basic PhD courses)
· Common technology specialisation courses (advanced PhD courses)
· Research management, dissemination, and communication courses (“soft skills courses”)

Prices for courses:

· Academic, EU: 50€/ECTS
· Academic, Non-EU: 100€/ECTS
· Industry, Startup: 50€/ECTS
· Industry, SME: 100€/ECTS
Industry, Large: 300€/ECTS

Basic PhD courses

The main objective of this course is to introduce the students to the basic aspects related to the scientific method, and provides the students with the details on the concepts of research, development and innovation (R+D+I).


The course will introduce students to thermal energy storage (TES), from thermophysical properties of materials used in TES systems to their implementation into the energy system.


The course focuses on the characterization of energy storage materials and on the methods that could be used for testing them.


Serves to provide the INPATH-TES students with basic and advanced knowledge in heat transfer.


The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of thermal energy storage materials and their properties.

Advanced PhD courses

Thermal energy storage applications for buildings

In this course, the main building integration strategies of TES systems as passive and active solution for energy saving and indoor thermal comfort conditions are introduced and discussed.

Demand side management concepts and energy storage

Demand side management (DSM) is based on two essential features, namely energy efficiency and of increasing importance, the role of demand side response

Large-scale and industrial energy storage

This course aims at providing the students with information about the use of thermal energy storage technologies in large-scale and industrial applications.

Energy policy and market development

The energy policy and market development course takes a holistic approach in looking at how thermal energy storage can solve issues identified at EU policy level.

Soft Skills courses

Intellectual property and patenting ideas

The purpose of this course is to provide the students enrolled in the INPATH-TES PhDprogramme with all fundamental aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) in general, and of patents in particular.

Idea to product development

The objective of the course is to provide the methodology required to develop a product starting from the preliminary idea.

Dissemination and Communication of R&D&I

The course ‘Dissemination of research results’ is developed to help students evaluate their research and develop appropriate dissemination plans to ensure the research makes an impact and gains recognition in the respective field.

Funding of research and project management

This course aims at providing the students sufficient skills and information needed to locate and successfully apply for suitable sources of research funding, and to introduce them to the basics of project management, dissemination, exploitation and communication.

Management and entrepreneurship

This course provides an introduction to Management and Entrepreneurship for course participants with a technical background.