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Recent development for large-scale TES and case studies – 1 ECTS.

Recent development for large-scale TES and case studies

Detail:The lesson begins with a powerpoint presentation on the CellFlux concept, a modern sensible heat storage concept which uses a cheap material in a modular configuration to store heat and decouple power and capacity. The lesson continues with a similar presentation, this time on a PCM storage concept, where a moving bed system is used to also decouple power and capacity for latent heat storage. This is then followed by a video introduction about the potential of quicklime as a storage material, before a webinar goes into further detail about the quicklime system and its development at DLR. Thermal upgrade of waste heat is then presented in another webinar and to finish the lesson, the potential of metal hydrides to store both heat and cold in vehicles is given.

Number ECTS: 1 ECTS
Price 50.00 300.00 

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