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TES in energy intensive industry – 1 ECTS.

TES in energy intensive industry

Detail:The lesson begins with an introduction to energy-intensive industries which identifies the massive amount of energy consumed by these industries and potential to reduce this consumption, specifically through the use of thermal energy storage systems. This is followed by an introduction to waste heat recovery and thermal energy storage which shows specifically how TES can be used to deal with waste heat streams. The next learning activity discusses waste heat mapping and the following LA shows an example of die-casting cell. The lesson then continues with two videos about integration of a PCM storage system in a cogeneration plant in Germany – it discusses both the advantages it brings to the cogen plant as well as the detailed engineering, specifically the advanced fin design of the PCM storage. Finally, the lesson closes with an overview of TES being used in greenhouses.

Number ECTS: 1 ECTS
Price 50.00 300.00 

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