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Building soft skills in management and entrepreneurship – 1 ECTS

Building soft skills in management and entrepreneurship

Detail:This lesson is designed to provide concepts, tools and techniques of soft skills in management and entrepreneurship. It provides an overview of main soft skills necessary to have success in the professional life and the reasons why the soft skills are considered a fundamental asset in today’s life. The lesson focuses on the management of self in a professional context through effective communication, group management and leadership skills and how to successfully manage all available resources. It will also give the basics to develop entrepreneurship mindset. It helps the students enhance their interactions with others by understanding basic concepts of interpersonal relationships in work organizations. The lesson will enable students to adopt communication and relationship styles and strategies that are suitable for different organizational contexts. The lesson also includes a quiz consisting of a set of questions and answers to test and improve the knowledge in the field of soft skills.

Number ECTS: 1 ECTS
Price 50.00 300.00 

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