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Definition of RRI; RRI plan; Key elements – 2 ECTS

Definition of RRI; RRI plan; Key elements

Detail:This lesson is designed to provide basic concepts and definitions of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) and Responsible policies and strategies in Europe. The course provides an overview of definition and structure of RRI policy, a description of the key elements of responsible policies: engagement, gender, science education, open access, ethics, governance, sustainability, and social justice and the description of responsible research process attributes in terms of inclusion, anticipation, reflexion and responsiveness. Also provides a theoretical backgrounds, and an approach to the branches and relations with concepts encompassed under the umbrella of Responsibility such as a responsible conduct of researchers, intellectual propriety , corporative social responsibility and social acceptance. The concepts learned in this lesson will set the basis for further study of more detailed issues related to RRI and Responsible strategies, especially those regarding with the evaluation of technology outcomes and options in terms of moral values, the participation of stakeholders in innovation processes, the reformulation of the entire research and innovation process, the practical application of RRI, the application to energy research field and the monitoring process. The lesson also includes descriptive videos, a quiz consisting of a set of questions and answers to test and improve the knowledge in the field of RRI and a link to a database of RRI projects and initiatives in Europe.

Number ECTS: 2 ECTS
Price 100.00 600.00 

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