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Introduction to modelling of thermal energy storage composites in different applications and case studies – 3.5 ECTS

Detail:This Lesson outlines the basic ideas and approaches of numerical modelling and necessary skills for thermal behaviour modelling of materials (including TES composite materials) using the WUFI simulation platform (software).

Possibilities and limitations of different modelling approaches and software platforms are characterised. WUFI is one of most appropriate platforms for modelling unsteady and complex heat and moisture exchange and accumulation processes in composite building structures. Therefore skills to use this program can be very helpful also for solution of complex TES using technological problems. Structure and user dialogue details in WUFI are described. Example of time dependent thermal process is demonstrated by solving Stefan problem numerically and comparing solution with analytical one. The student will need access to (licence) for WUFI software to complete the lesson.

The student must have basic understanding of thermal processes and formulation of physical problems in terms of differential equations. As a result of completing the lesson student will be able to independently formulate problems for analysis of thermal processes of different complex materials and solve these problems using WUFI and also analyse and do an interpretation of the results.

Number ECTS: 3.5 ECTS
Price 175.00 1,050.00 

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